Our Services

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Stop by or call for A/C service & inspection starting at $69.99

- Air Conditioning / Heating

- Brakes
Complete brake services, including ABS

- Cooling system
Complete cooling system repairs

- Clutch
Clutch repair or replacement

- Diagnostics
Engine  performance, computer &
control systems, vehicle systems
service & repair, electrical problems

- Electrical Systems
Power windows, Locks, Lighting,
Gauges, Accessories

- Engine
Service, repair, replace

     - Fuel System
Fuel injection service & repair, fuel pumps

We sell & install lift kits (body & suspension) and custom accessories like nurf bars, running boards, brush gaurds, winches, trailer hitches, light bars/lighting or just about anything you can think of.

- Shocks & Struts
Shock or Strut Replacement

- Steering & Suspension
Tie rods, control arms, ball joints, idler & pitman arms, ect.

   - Timing Belts

 - Transmission
Service and repairs

- General Automotive
Preventative & routine maintenance

Tires & Wheels

- Missouri state inspections / IDOD

- Certified Intoxalock installer


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